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Do You Want to Buy a French Bulldog? Here Is a Guide for You in Finding the Right Breeder

Are you a dog lover and want to purchase a French bulldog? Are you looking for the right breeder? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

With the happiness that French bulldogs can offer to humans, it is no wonder why there are already many people who want them into their lives. The increase of demand has also increased the number of French bulldog breeders. Unfortunately, this also lead to the many numbers of scams happening online and unethical practices of breeders.

Before you are going to buy a Frenchie, it is very important that you take a careful consideration on the breeder. Below are some tips you must know.

– DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. The most common thing to do is to conduct your own research. Before deciding where to buy a Frenchie, you have to check who are the potential breeders. Aside from visiting potential breeders, you need to check who are those that are near you. Using the breeder directory can help you cut this process short. List four to five breeders within your locality. Then, go through their breeding history before reaching out.

– DO YOUR INTERVIEW. The next thing that you must do is to contact the breeder in order to gather relevant information. You can make a phone call or send an email to the breeder and set an appointment. Having a meeting with them face to face can help you determine if they are a good breeders or not. During your interview, ask about how they protect the health of the mother and puppy. If you notice tat he seems to neglect their health, then that is a red flag. In addition, ask about how many times the mother have pups per year. You must know about their breeding policy.

– PASS THE TEST. One way to determine if the breeder is serious with his job is when he asks you questions too. Of course, they don’t just want to sell their Frenchie, but they also want to ensure that they are in good hands. That is why, you have to be ready to answer their questions. Some of the questions they might ask are about your living situation, history with caring for French bulldogs, understanding on potential health issues, and more.

– ASK FOR CERTIFICATIONS. A good breeder invests in genetic testing of all their dogs and puppies to provide you a proof of testing. Also, they should have other records such as the veterinarian visits, worming proofs, shot records, and other care procedures of breeding stock. A good breeder ensures that all their dogs for breeding is not positive for any genetic problems. You don’t have to be ashamed of asking for proofs.

– SCHEDULE A VISIT. The last thing that you have to do is to schedule a visit to see the pups. You know that the breeder is confident with his dogs and pups if he is willing to let you visit his place. If a breeder is hesitant, then that is a red flag. You must look for another breeder.

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